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Forthcoming meetings

All hopes for the first Cohousing project in Cambridgeshire are now pinned on the K1 site in Orchard Park, North Cambridge. It is making great progress and represents the best chance we have had for securing a site since we started in 2000. The project is not part of Enlinca so there is a separate dedicated website for it at  www.cambridge-k1.co.uk/ .  If you think this area would be suitable for you and you are interested to get involved please go to that page. There is also a bit of information at www.enlinca.org.uk/K1.html where you will find maps showing you exactly where it is.

Enlinca members not interested in K1 are presently waiting to see what happens. K1 meetings are held on the first Monday of the month and the third Wednesday.

Presentation about Cohousing

The slide presentation given at our open meeting on 14th October 2005 can be seen in several formats. (The first in html is recommended.)
In html .    In power point .    In pdf .

What is Enlinca?

We are a group of people living in or near Cambridge who are exploring options and possibilities of forming a Cohousing community. We started meeting monthly in 2000 and over the years we learned about and clarified our ideas on Cohousing. We have visited a number of existing communities elsewhere in the UK, and this has helped give shape to our vision.

What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is about a group of households choosing to live close together and share additional facilities for mutual benefit. Each household has its own completely self-contained dwelling and has access to communal facilities.

Cohousing is not "communal living" or another word for "commune", but a community built to facilitate the cooperation of neighbours. It is already well established in Denmark, the USA and the Netherlands although relatively new in the UK. There are a few established schemes and many groups in the process of starting.

Our vision

Our wish is to live as sustainably as we can, with a strong sense of community and mutual support, ensuring individual privacy and need for space while sharing some communal facilities. You can read more in our full Vision Document.

Joining Enlinca

If you would like to receive Emails announcing important Enlinca events please go to the mailing list page and follow the instructions. This is free to anyone interested in Cohousing. When you join you will be given a password to enter the members' only part of this website which contains more information about us.

If you would like to know more please use the contact form or send an Email to .

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